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How to Play


Detective Bullshit is a game of hot air and cold caess for 3-5 players you win by making shit up.

Think of Clue meets Cards Against Humanity, sort of. It's a competitive storytelling game centered around a fictional criminal case. Unlike Clue, there's no right answer, but like Cards Against Humanity, the fun is in getting your friends to pick your ridiculous story.

For each case, one player is Chief Bullshit and other players are detectives.

The Chief draws a victim card and decides the location of the crime. It's then up to the other detectives to play suspect cards from their hands and convince the Chief that their suspect is guilty. But things get complicated in the 3 rounds of each case as additional evidence, complications, and bribery keep even the best bullshitters on their toes.

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About the Game

Detective Bullshit was successfully funded June 3, 2016 on Kickstarter! With the help of over 400 backers, we raised over $24,000 to produce the first run of the Base Game and the Private Dick Expansion Deck. 

The Base Game includes: 100 Person of Interest cards, 100 Evidence cards, 1 twelve sided Due Process Die, Bullshit Tokens, and game instructions.

The Private Dick Expansion Deck for the Detective Bullshit Base Game is a 90 card deck full of sexy characters, naughty evidence, and customizable cards. These cards are not safe for work... unless your job is Detective Bullshit.

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#SQUADGOALS, the print-and-play game where you try to build the Ultimate Squad.

(Have you played Pit? This is basically Pit, but instead of sacks of barley, you have the Kardashians)

Of course, there are many types of squads in the world, from the elite Kardashians and Taylor Swift-adjacent, to the more abstract concept of the world’s best literary heroines (who, to be honest, would rival Taylor’s crew any day). Build the most squads, earn the most points, and rule the social world (for now).  This print-and-play game comes with the following squads: Taylor Swift Squad, Kardashian Squad, Literati Squad, Science Squad, Ballers Squad, Young Money Squad, and YouTube Squad.

#SQUADGOALS features amazing illustrations by Amy Plouff.


Get your very own print-and-play copy of #SQUADGOALS for free! Just download, print, cut, and play.


#SQUADGOALS is a game for 3-7 people. The first person to collect all members of one squad wins.

  • For every person that's playing, put one full squad into the deck. (e.g. 3 full squads for a 3 person game)
  • Everyone gets a random hand of nine cards featuring members of different squads.
  • After the game starts, you can trade cards with other people.
    • You can trade one, two, three, or four cards at a time
    • By saying “One” “Two” “Three” or “Four”
    • You can only say “One” “Two” “Three” or “Four”
  • You trade these cards BLIND 
    • The other person doesn’t know what you’re giving them, 
    • And you don’t know what you’ll get.
  • There should always be 9 cards in each person’s hand.
  • Keep going until someone has a complete Squad in their hand and shouts “HASHTAG SQUAD GOALS”
  • The winner gets the number of points in the corner of the card.
  • Deal a new round and play until someone gets to 500 points.

Build the perfect squad, scream at your friends, and download #SQUADGOALS today!

About Us

Tasty Penguin

Tasty Penguin began at a donut shop, where all great ideas start. Over some artisanal fried dough, Corey and Rae started talking about games they wished existed, and after outlining 3 separate concepts they paused and said to each other, "Wait, did we just start a game company?"

And lo and behold, they did.

The company is called Tasty Penguin because when Rae was a child she thought penguins were for eating. So much so that she put her stuffed penguin in her toy oven. She was (is) a strange one. You can read all about it here. It’s now the name of their game company because why not name your game company after ill-conceived ideas about what animals are fit for human consumption?

Rae Votta-@raevotta

Rae is obsessed with obsession. She took a Masters degree in linguistics and used it to study how Harry Potter fans used LiveJournal to communicate, and she's kept that impeccable level of nerdiness up across her entire career. She's worked in social media for AOL, Huffington Post and VH1, and written for Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Vulture, among other outlets that impress her mom and dad. She covers digital entertainment culture and parody erotic e-books (when asked) for The Daily Dot. If you ask her to play an RPG she'll always make a character named Meryl Streep who may or may not be the actual Meryl Streep. Her favorite games currently include Viticulture, Escape: The Curse of the Temple, and One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

Corey Lubowich-@coreylubo

Corey is a storyteller who wears many hats including director, designer, producer, and dessert-enthusiast. His previous work includes writing/directing the new musical Spies Are Forever, designing an escape room experience for GeekyCon, directing Airport for Birds at Chicago’s Second City, designing a national concert tour with Glee’s Darren Criss, writing/producing the musical webseries World’s Worst Musicaland collaborations on eight shows with StarKid Productions (including A Very Potter Sequel and Holy Musical, B@man!). You can regularly find him on YouTube as part of the comedy trio the Tin Can Brothers. His current favorite games include: Two Rooms and a Boom, Mr. Jack: Pocket, and Forbidden Desert


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